MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Teatro Opera on the Otello deck (6)

MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Teatro Opera on the Otello deck (6) view photo in large

MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Teatro Opera on the Otello deck (6)

Teatro Opera theater on the Otello deck (6) on board the cruise ship MSC Opera of MSC Cruises, the cruise company of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC for short).

The theater in the bow of the MSC Opera from MSC Cruises has a capacity for 713 guests and extends over two decks. In addition to the various shows, it is also the meeting place for the organized shore excursions. The few shows we attended could not impress us. The type of performances was very tailored the Italian guests. The shows start at 20:00 for the guests of the 2nd dinner session and at 21:30 for the guests of the 1st dinner session.

Excerpt from the show program:

Le Chapiteau - Circus World
Sexy and Chic
Classical concert with tenor Renis Hyka and Café Concerto Strauss
The night of illusion with Paolo Giula
Anima Italiana

About theaters on cruise ships:

Shows are a popular form of entertainment for passengers on cruise ships. Most cruise ships have their own theater specifically designed for such events. Shows on a cruise ship can include various types of live performances or even movie screenings. Often, very professional theater ensembles or musical groups perform, specially selected and arranged for the cruiselines. Some of the most popular shows on board include Broadway musicals, dance performances, comedy shows, circus acts, and talent and magic shows.

The theaters on cruise ships are mostly very modern and equipped with the latest technology to provide an impressive show. Some theaters on cruise ships also have a hydraulic stage or projection technology to make the performances even more spectacular. Shows on a cruise ship are usually included in the price of the cruise. However, in some cases, additional fees may apply for premium seating or special performances.

August 2008: Cruise on the Baltic Sea with the route: Kiel (Germany) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Visby (Sweden) - Stockholm (Sweden) - Helsinki (Finland) - St. Petersburg (Russia) - Day at sea - Kiel (Germany)

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