MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Sotto Vento Pub on the Aida deck (5)

MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Sotto Vento Pub on the Aida deck (5) view photo in large

MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Sotto Vento Pub on the Aida deck (5)

Sotto Vento Pub on the Aida deck (5) of the cruise ship MSC Opera of MSC Cruises, the cruise company of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC for short).

Sotto Vento Pub on Aida deck (5) aboard the cruise ship MSC Opera of MSC Cruises is a cozy and relaxed bar that offers guests a mix of modern and traditional ambience. The space is decorated in warm colors and features comfortable seating and pleasant lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere. The pub offers a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

Sotto Vento Pub also offers a range of entertainment options. To entertain guests, there are regular live music, karaoke nights, quiz contests and other events. In addition to the usual bar service, this pub serves as a luggage storage facility on disembarkation day. In the time between leaving the cabin and docking the ship at the destination port, the luggage is stored here under the supervision of a crew member.

Beverage prices on board the MSC Opera of MSC Cruises:

Mineral water in the restaurant: 2,60 €

Mineral water, sold to guests of shore excursions: 1,25 €

Cocktail of the day (with alcohol): 5.70 €
(For example: Blue Moon, Whisky Sour, Yellow Bird, Mai-Tai, Melon Caipiroska, Caipirinha Pina, Caipirinha Uva, Caipisake, Macarosca, Coco Loco, White Russian, Negroni, Mojito, Coronado)

Cocktail of the day (without alcohol): 4,20 €
(For example: Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri, Dirty Banana Shake, Alice in Wonderland, Colibri, Fruit Smoothie, Aloha, Cinerella)

Coffee specialty of the day: 4,70 €
(For example: Irish Coffee, Spanish Coffee, British Coffee, Jamaican Coffee, Mexican Coffee, Russian Coffee, Italian coffee)

Small beer + bruschetta: 2,50 €

Large beer + bruschetta: 4,90 €

Magic Martini Night, Americano and Campari Orange: 5,70 €

Sparkling wine at special price (per glass): 3,30 €

August 2008: Cruise on the Baltic Sea with the route: Kiel (Germany) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Visby (Sweden) - Stockholm (Sweden) - Helsinki (Finland) - St. Petersburg (Russia) - Day at sea - Kiel (Germany)


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