MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Stern

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MSC Opera (MSC Cruises) - Stern

Stern of the cruise ship MSC Opera of the shipping company MSC Cruises, taken in the Freeport of Copenhagen in Denmark. The Freeport of Copenhagen, also known as Copenhagen Freeport or Frihavnen in Danish, is a significant harbor area located in the northern part of Copenhagen, Denmark. It serves as a key hub for international trade and shipping activities, as well as a storage and logistics center.

Copenhagen is a popular cruise destination in Northern Europe, and it has several cruise terminals that accommodate ships from various cruise lines. Here are some of the main cruise terminals in Copenhagen:

Langelinie Pier: This is one of the most famous cruise terminals in Copenhagen, located near the Little Mermaid statue. It's a central location with easy access to popular attractions and the city center.

Nordre Toldbod: This terminal is situated close to the city center as well. It's a smaller terminal compared to Langelinie Pier and is often used for smaller cruise ships.

Ocean Quay: Also known as Ocean Pier or Oceankaj, this terminal is located in the northern part of Copenhagen's harbor and is capable of handling larger cruise ships. It's a bit farther from the city center but offers modern facilities.

Freeport Terminal: This terminal is situated farther away from the city center and is often used for industrial purposes, including cruise ship operations.

August 2008: Cruise on the Baltic Sea with the route: Kiel (Germany) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Visby (Sweden) - Stockholm (Sweden) - Helsinki (Finland) - St. Petersburg (Russia) - Day at sea - Kiel (Germany)


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