Images of various of ferries

In many cases, ferries are no longer used purely for transport from A to B by sea. Shipping companies are increasingly focusing on the experience on board the ship in their efforts to win new customers. Modern new ships are increasingly being equipped with on-board facilities that were previously only found on cruise ships: Swimming pools, whirlpools, cinemas, fitness centers, theaters, large shopping areas, bars and discotheques and much more. It is therefore logical to sell the ferry crossing as a mini-cruise, often as a package tour including arrival and departure, meals on board, evening entertainment and shore excursions. These short cruises are an excellent way to test whether a longer cruise would be a suitable form of travel for you personally. When I talk to people who have never taken a cruise before, the same questions, uncertainties and prejudices come up again and again. Most of the time, they are concerned about the many passengers in the limited space on board a ship, the fear of seasickness and the supposedly strict dress code. It is often believed that all cruise ships are like the ones shown in older TV series.

From personal experience I can recommend the two cruise ferries Color Fantasy and Color Magic of the Norwegian shipping company Color Line for a mini cruise. These ships travel on the Kiel (Germany) - Oslo (Norway) route and are very similar to a "real cruise" in terms of equipment, catering and entertainment facilities.