Images of various ship types

World trade without cargo ships would be impossible. According to the Federal Environment Agency, there are about 40,000 cargo ships worldwide, which transport about 90 per cent of the world's goods traffic (status 2016). In maritime shipping, a distinction is made between different types of cargo ships. The most common are: car carrier, BACO carrier, BORO freighter, ConBulk ship, container ship, dock ship, feeder ship, gas and oil tanker, reefer ship, coastal motor vessel, lighter, bulk carrier, RoPax ship, RoRo ship, heavy lift carrier, general cargo ship, tanker and livestock carrier.

Unfortunately, shipping is one of the biggest air polluters and carbon dioxide emitters. It is time to replace the heavy fuel oil mostly used for propulsion with alternative energy sources. The industry therefore has high hopes for liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel. The liquefied natural gas burns much cleaner than heavy oil or diesel fuel. In current new ferry and cruise ship construction projects, this technology can often be used to operate engines in a more environmentally friendly way, at least during the time they are in port. Emissions can also be reduced during this time by connecting the ships to the local power supply network, often referred to as shore power.