Costa Fortuna - Exterior views

Exterior views of the cruise ship Costa Fortuna of the shipping company Costa Crociere - taken during a cruise on the Eastern Mediterranian Sea in 2010

In Katakolo (Greece) was the best way to photograph the ship in full size. In the other ports, port facilities blocked the free view, it was already too dark or the place of anchorage was too far from the shore.

The front area below and above the bridge is freely accessible for passengers and offers a fantastic view. Only the outer deck of the foreship is reserved for the crew. There are sun beds and 2 small pools for the crew.

From the outer deck above the bridge nok you have a good view along the ship to the rear. However, the adjacent balconies are also visible from here and these cabins lose a lot of privacy.

After the terrorist attacks in 2001, passengers were not allowed to visit the bridge for security reasons. In the meantime, the restrictions have been reduced a little so that a visit should be possible again. However, the final decision lies with the captain.

The tender boat no. 23 has moored in the port of the old town of Dubrovnik (Croatia) to take guests back to Costa Fortuna after their shore excursion. The boat has a capacity for 117 passengers. When used as a lifeboat it is permitted for 150 passengers.
The Costa Fortuna has 24 large lifeboats, 6 of which can also be used as tender boats. Tenders are always used when the ship cannot call at the port and has to lie at anchor. With these boats the guests are then carried ashore and back to the ship. During our cruise on the Eastern Mediterrenean this was the case in Santorini and Dubrovnik.

The stern of the Costa Fortuna: Unfortunately in the port of Bari (Italy) the free view of the ship was obstructed by port facilities. During our cruise on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea a passenger exchange took place in Bari. Here there is a permanent cruise terminal (the blue building on the left) for the check-in of the guests.

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