Costa Fortuna - Balcony stateroom no. 7344

Balcony stateroom no. 7344 on board the cruise ship Costa Fortuna of the shipping company Costa Crociere during a cruise on the Eastern Mediterranian Sea in 2010

Costa Fortuna - Double bed in the balcony stateroom no. 7344

Our balcony stateroom on deck 7 had a size of about 20 square meters. The view from the bed to the sea and the daylight through the large glass surfaces makes a stateroom with balcony very attractive. The beds were very comfortable and were made up twice a day by the housekeeping. From an acoustic point of view this balcony cabin was much louder than our inside cabin on the Costa Magica. Our neighbours did not care very much for the fellow passengers, as the massive balcony doors close automatically with full force if they are not held. Every time they closed, the entire cabin wall wobbled and the banging shook everyone awake. The partly loud conversations and also the clouds of smoke of the cigarette smokers on the adjacent balconies came in with open door.

The air conditioning was relatively quiet and the temperature was finely adjustable. The air volume was regulated automatically, but was not completely switched off when the balcony door was open. During the night, we were able to shield draughts from the air outlet in the area of the sofa or additional bed quite well with a towel stuck to the ventilation grille.
The cleaning of the stateroom by the always very friendly stewardess was always perfect. During the longer stay in Rhodes the balcony including furniture was washed with a high pressure cleaner. The condition of the interior was overall good. However, we could see that the ship has already been in service for 7 years. Here and there, the furniture had already some visible traces of use.

The two large mirrors make the cabin optically larger. The television was still with classic tube technology. A few German television stations could be received. On the television you can also check the status of your on-board account, nautical and tourist information and pictures from the cameras outboard. The latest videos are available for a fee. The safe is located behind the doors below the TV. It can be opened and closed with the embarkation card. The minibar, which operates completely noiselessly, and an ice cube container have been refilled several times a day.

The question is often asked whether the electrical appliances you have brought with you can be operated in the stateroom. There is a multiple socket on the desk for various plug systems and the mains voltages 220 V / 50 Hz as well as 110 V / 60 Hz. The use of irons, kettles or immersion heaters is prohibited for fire protection reasons.

The balcony is equipped with 2 chairs and a small table. The floor is made of teak wood. The chairs are not really comfortable and practical. You sit so low that you can only look out from under the railing. But the glass is tinted blue and constantly soiled by salt spray. The side walls of the balcony can be unlocked and opened by the staff during cleaning work. Therefore it is not necessary to enter the cabin.

The bathroom (see pictures below) is quite small, but still sufficient. A positive feature of the shower is the finely adjustable thermostatic tap. But the shower curtain is not very convenient. A stable door as a shower partition would be ideal here. The towels were changed twice a day. The regulation, which is meanwhile customary in the hotel sector, of only changing the towels lying on the floor was not practised. But a respective signpost was available in the bathroom. On this point Costa Cruises should pay more attention to environmental protection.